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18 inch dolls are Forever H and A’s specialty. Forever H & A Maui is a small shop that is located in the Wharf Cinema Center in the historic Lahaina town. All of the dolls and doll accessories that you will find in the store are handmade by the company owner, Romela. If you are a doll collector or if you are looking for a unique handmade gift for someone special in your life please contact Romela. Orders and special requests can be made over the phone.

18 Inch Dolls And Accessories
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18 inch dolls and accessories are Romela’s specialty.



There are many unique variations of Romela’s custom dolls that are available at Forever H and A Maui.



Romela makes everything by hand.



Romela works very hard to support her family. If you have any questions about Forever H and A Maui please reach out to Romela today.

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